Colt foals

Sheribrooke's 2019 Colt foals

Our foals are well handled and have wonderful temperaments.

Their excellent pedigrees' include many old, established bloodlines.

They will be microchipped, registered and passported with the SPSBS.

They leave home wormed, foot trimmed and halter broken.

If you would like more details, photos or would like to arrange a visit please contact:

Janet Marr on 01302 364051 / 07831 594503 or email [email protected] or via the Contact us page.


A deposit secures any foal that is for sale until weaning in the Autumn


Sheribrooke Ross

(SPSBS registration number BG1061)

 Piebald  Colt (may be homozygous) d.o.b 24/05/2019

Sire: Littlefort Rockie Mountain (Homozygous Piebald)

Dam: Merrylees Margarita (Piebald)


Ross will do well in the show ring. He is very well marked and has a 'look at me' quality. 

He will make approximately 32" and has a lovely temperament.




 Sheribrooke Robbie

(SPSBS registration number BG1060)

Skewbald Colt (may be homozygous) d.o.b 24/05/19

Sire: Littlefort Rockie Mountain (Piebald homozygous)

Dam: Milday Kizzie (Chestnut and white skewbald)

 Sheribrooke Robbie

Photo taken 08/07/19

 Robbie will mature to approximately 32".

He is very well grown and well marked and has a lovely temperament.

Robbie will do well in the show ring or as a future stallion.




   Sheribrooke Ruskie

(SPSBS registration number BG1056)

Cream dun and white skewbald Colt d.o.b 26/05/19

Sire: Sheribrooke Dougal (Chestnut and white skewbald)

Dam: Sheribrooke Isadora (Cream dun)

 Ruskie 1

Ruskie 2

Photos taken 12/08/19

 Ruskie is extremely friendly and has a wonderful temperament.

He is well marked and would show well or make and excellent pet or companion.

Ruskie will mature to approx 32"



Sheribrooke RaeMoir

(SPSBS registration number BG1058)

Cream dun and white skewbald Colt d.o.b 26/06/19

Sire: Sheribrooke Ness (Palomino)

Dam: Ravenswing Betty Boo (Cream dun and white skewbald)

 Sheribrooke Raemoir

 Ray will mature to approximately 31"

He is well marked and friendly and will show well or make an ideal pet or companion.

Deposit now taken


Sheribrooke Reiss

(SPSBS registration number BG1059)

Palomino Colt with white star d.o.b 02/07/19

Sire: Sheribrooke Ness (Palomino)

Dam: Doonhamer Ilex (Palomino)

 Sheribrooke Reiss 08/07/19

 Sheribrooke Reiss 06/08/19

Reiss is very friendly would show well but would also make an excellent pet or companion.

 Both parents being palomino he would make a useful stallion for anyone wanting to breed dilutes.

Reiss will mature to approximately 31.5"